What is Pink Apple?

Pink Apple aims to empower people to communicate better in the most important relationships of their lives. We also strive to spur people to action in solving problems, which limit their ability to enjoy their lives.

Pink Apple is a small business that is big on excellence in service and going the “extra mile”.

Many people don’t know how to have win/win discussions. Hurt, frustration and powerlessness can poison us and our relationships.
– Chris Owen

Chris Owen, Director and Coach at Pink Apple.

  • Has a background as a nurse & midwife, health sector manager, infertility nurse, and counsellor
  • Has a Bachelor in Education and is completing a Graduate Diploma in Counselling
  • Has a Certificate of Coach & Mentor Practice Training
  • Married thirty years ago and has three adult sons
  • Believes effective communication is the bedrock of all successful relationships
  • Is based in Melbourne, Australia

Personal Relationships Coaching

Couples can struggle to find effective ways to communicate & solve problems. Pink Apple Relationship Coaching is for couples who love each other but ‘

Small Business Relationships Coaching

Positive relationships between Business Partners and in small business teams, instantly improve customer service, attract and return business, and referrals. Pink Apple Business Coaching is for small businesses looking for better productivity and returns.