Relationship Coaching Tools

Relationship coaching is an individual client-focused professional client-centric service that assumes that couples and people are strong, healthy, and capable of achieving their relationship goals through expert support, guidance, and information. It assumes that everyone can develop self-esteem, confidence, and sustainable relationships. Those relationships that do not succeed because of barriers such as fear, power imbalance, or illness are called failure lifestyles. A relationship coach helps clients set up and maintain meaningful and healthy relationships that make them feel empowered and whole. The relationship coaching model encourages communication, empathy, authenticity, a sense of humour, and responsibility. This coaching is based on the assumption that a relationship can be developed from within rather than based on external needs.

How It Works

When a relationship coaching session begins, the life coach meets with his/her clients for three or four hours in a comfortable room to determine what is triggering negative feelings and behaviours in their lives. It is also important for the coach to get an understanding of what the clients think they want out of life and why those things are not working. Based on this assessment, the coach will design an action plan that can help the clients move forward. The life coach will guide the clients to identify the impediments that keep them from moving forward, then offer practical tools for dealing with those impediments. This plan may include relationship coaching sessions for the partners, families and friends of the clients, as well as life coaching for the workplace.

Many people wrongly assume that relationship coaching means just counselling. There is a big difference between coaching and counselling. First of all, relationship coaching is not therapy. Second, it is about skills, not emotion. Third, relationship coaching is not about helping you feel better – it helps you understand how to better understand your relationship with your partner, friend, or family member.

Common Problems

The most common problems that couples experience are communication and intimacy issues. Couples tend to feel disconnected emotionally from one another. This leads to a lack of intimacy in the relationship. The relationship coach will teach couples the skills needed to increase intimacy and communication in their relationships. Additionally, the coach will teach couples the skills they need to rebuild broken relationships.

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The other main service that relationship coaching can provide to clients is helping them understand how to live healthier lives. By helping their clients to manage stress and learn healthy ways to cope with everyday demands, the relationship coaching sessions teach the clients skills for managing stress in their lives. Some of the stress management skills, the coaching services can provide include relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, exercise, diet, nutritional supplements, healthy eating, etc. All of these techniques will help clients live healthier lives.

Other Important Skills

In addition to teaching couples how to build good relationships, relationship coaching also helps them learn how to avoid relationship problems. When a couple begins to have problems, it is very easy to become negative about the relationship. However, this is the first mistake that many couples make. Relationship coaching can teach couples how to avoid this mistake and instead focus on finding the right person to be with them.

Finally, relationship coaching can teach couples how to save their marriages even though they are newly married. Many couples do not realize how much damage a marriage can take before it becomes unhappy. By learning how to recognize early warning signs of a troubled marriage, couples can save their marriages before they become too damaged.

As you can see, relationship coaching offers couples a variety of tools that they can use to improve the quality of their relationships. All couples should seek these services. However, each couple must select a relationship coaching service that offers tools that are specific to their relationship problems. Only then will they be able to receive the most benefit out of relationship coaching.

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